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Above-ground Swimming Pools

Spend your summer vacation in the Out Back this year.  With the addition of an Outback above ground pool, your backyard will quickly become everyone’s favorite destination. The Outback above ground pool line combines beauty and durability to create a refreshing backyard oasis that is long lasting and perfectly suited for any landscape. With its wide variety of shapes and sizes, there is an Outback pool for every yard and every budget. If you are ready to experience poolside living, look no further than Out Back Above Ground Pools – it’s cooler down under.

We carry the complete line of Outback Above-Ground Pools –  With over 20 Models to choose from with your choice of Steel, Hybrid, Full Resin or Aluminum.

At The Pool Store, we like to simplify pools for our customers!   When we sell a swimming pool to our customers, we take care of everything!  We will file for, pay for and pick up the permits, schedule the delivery, installation, electric and inspections for you.  When the pool is complete, we will come out and show you how to take care of it!  Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Outback Southport GLX – Complete with pool, beaded print liner, pump & filter system, smart step entry system, vacuum equipment and complete installation.  

18’ x 52” Round  Installed  $ 2999.99    as low as $   81.00 per month

24’ x 52” Round  Installed  $ 3999.99    as low as $ 101.81 per month

15’ x 30’ x 52” Oval Installed  $ 5499.99   as low as $ 148.79 per month

Cost of Permits & Electric Additional.  Permits usually run between $ 350.00 - $ 550.00 depending on the town and electric service & bonding $ 1100.00.


Pool Financing: